Monday, November 29, 2010

Growing Up

Sarah Ritchie

You might miss it if you weren’t looking for it. Located just south of the Highway 1, 42 kilometres west of Moose Jaw, Mortlach, Sask. barely registers as a pit stop, let alone a tourist destination.

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A World of Flavour

Trelle Burdeniuk

It’s an international sweet spot in the middle of “Nowhere.”; In her tiny Mortlach candy store, called ‘Nowhere: Your Confection Connection,’ owner Tiffany Olsen is surrounded by hard fruit-flavoured candies in colourful, pocket-size tins from France, coconut-covered marshmallows from a century-old Scottish company and flying saucer-shaped wafers filled with sour powder, originally invented in Belgium.

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One Big Family

Peter Mills

Nearly a dozen bicycles lay unlocked around the Mortlach School grounds. A sign tells bikers to please use the racks but only one adheres to the instructions. It’s really not a big deal though – no one would steal a bike from someone as close as a relative.

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Learning by Leading

Christeen Jesse

Paper airplanes are being thrown while students paint on the windows and decorate the room in graffiti. Pencil crayons litter the classroom and students freely roam around the space. Although it may sound like chaos, something very special is happening in Room 20 at Mortlach School.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Adapting in Ag

Melanie Taylor 
Adaptability is essential for farmers. Some industries grow, others fade, markets change, and new opportunities arise. For this reason, several Mortlach area farmers have moved their farms in different directions. Ian Crosbie has a new vision for his dairy farm’s future – marketing genetics.

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Horsin' Around

Deborah Shawcross 

It’s a windy fall day in Mortlach, which doesn’t seem to bother Tacoma one bit.  The horse is too busy nibbling the grass and enjoying the open space to worry about the changing season. Like the Toyota truck he was named after, Tacoma is strong, big and has enough torque to get the job done. At age 14 he has retired from a life of roping but keeps himself busy by helping teach children at the local riding arena. 

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A Taste of Britain in Mortlach

Hannah Elliott

Which goes first, the cream or the jam?
This is the question I’m pondering at the Country Garden Café in the village of Mortlach, Sask., where I’m about to try an authentic British cream tea for the first time. It’s a popular item at the café, consisting of scones, jam and clotted cream.

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